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Al-bayaan Islamic council Trust is non-governmental registered organization in the republic of South Africa.

The Al-Bayaan Islamic Council Trust is a constituted organization of Somali Muslim Theologians established in 1997 and registered as Trust and non-profit organization on 2006. It has since inception served the socio-religious needs of the Muslim Ummah and focused for the Somali Community whom is residing in the Republic of South Africa as a refugees.

Al-Bayaan Islamic Council has operational branches in all nine provinces in the country. Its members serve as social workers [facilitating funeral arrangements, wedding ceremonies, organizing conferences which they bring the guest speakers from all over the world], preachers, Teachers in Madaris [Islamic teachings], Imam’s of the Mosques, as well as to mediate and reconcile the disputes arises time to time among the Somali community.

Al-Bayaan has got twenty two Masajids and nineteen Madaris which are affiliated to the Majlis in all most the nine provinces, and the children whom are attending  the Madarises are more than 1700 students, and the last few years we were having Hufaths as young as ten years and older.